Some background…


I’m a native Californian (born in Walnut Creek); I attended San Diego State University and graduated with a BA degree in Graphic Communications with a minor in Biology. I ended my college career in Florence, Italy, after being accepted into the California State University International Program, studying studio arts and art history in the birthplace of the Renaissance.

After Italy, I returned to San Diego and worked at Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) as a scientific illustrator and graphic artist. Located on the beach in the community of La Jolla, SIO is about as great a place to work as you could possibly ask for. I had the unique opportunity to work for some of the world’s leading research scientists in the fields of

marine biology, climate research, physical and chemical oceanography and geophysics. It was an honor to work amongst them, but after two decades I needed to try something different and focused my energies on starting a business and becoming an illustrator on a full-time basis.

I started Steve Cook Illustration in July of 1999 with the simple goal of making a living while doing something I enjoy. The best thing about my work, for me, is the sense of accomplishment I get when I’ve finished an illustration project. I still look forward to each new job, to learning something new and to doing the best work I can.